San Francisco

I-5 to San Francisco

I-5 to San Francisco

As I mentioned in my VLOG, this was my first time driving up to San Francisco from LA. Many people were shocked that I would even consider driving 6 hours but honestly, I wasn't phased. When I was in college it was a quick 4 hour ride back home to Arlington, VA and later (when my mom was living in Montreal) I'd drive about 12 hours up to visit her. So 6? Cake. I took the opportunity to get some non-city miles on my car and enjoy the scenery.

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The Wrong Turn on Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day my boyfriend and I went to visit Marin to take in the view at the Golden Gate Bridge. As we were leaving we found ourselves in an insane amount of traffic. Granted it's probably not uncommon to see that amount of congestion on a sunny Saturday evening around the Headlands but nevertheless we attempted to find a way around it.

 A wrong turn and a closed street lead us to Rodeo Beach.

We arrived in time to see the sun set and it was as if we'd planned it all along.  To see more from this trip, check out the VLOG!

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photos by Dylan Nord


I travelled to San Francisco for business and had an impromptu meet up! What I thought would be a casual hang out turned into an insane turn out and I can't thank you all enough for being so amazing and supportive! I loved meeting every single one of you and I can't wait to come back.