Today I'm doing 3 quick "I'm Judging You"s. I love a good skincare find and I know that when it comes to high end, it doesn't always equal results. So here I am to tell you my findings and I hope it helps you on your skincare journey! 

I recently picked up a bunch of items from various beauty purchases (Sephora VIB, etc) and these are the 3 that have stood out so far. 

During the Sephora VIB Sale the Philosophy Resurface - The Microdelivery Dual-Phase Peel came highly recommended. You can read the reviews on Sephora's site alone and get sucked in, but when my friend Steph suggested trying it out, I went ahead an made the purchase.

We tried it together (hence why there's already a significant dent in the product!) and spoiler - the results were instantly impressive! Step 1 of the peel is a Vitamin C "crystal" scrub and it smells divine! Each taking a teaspoon of product, it was like rubbing the best lemon icing sugar all over our faces. They suggest gently massaging your face for about a minute and then going in with step 2 which is the Lactic/Salicylic Acid Activating Gel (note: you're not rinsing in between). Immediately once you begin to massage the Activating Gel with the scrub you feel a reaction of heat and I believe in an act of surprise and joy I screamed, "SCIENCE!". It's like a toasty heated blanket being washed over your face in a flash and then it dissipates.  After about another minute or two of massaging the mixture, we rinsed our faces to uncover the smoothest feeling skin I've felt in ages. Free of any dry flaky patches, brightened and awake, baby's butt status.

We both went to bed only using some of the Dermalogica Clear Start Overnight Treatment and the next morning I still had amazingly soft and bright looking skin. Before the peel, Steph had some deeper lingering breakouts that hadn't come to a head. By morning they'd finally surfaced and she was was able to make gentle extractions (note: Steph is a certified esthetician and has training in this area). Now days later, she has more even textured skin and fewer breakouts.

I could see this being slightly addictive and something to look forward to on a weekly basis. However due to the amount of product we used, I'm not sure how long it will last. That would probably be my only concern at this point.

I've been waiting to try Sunday Riley for ages, I just didn't know where to begin. I've heard great things about their Good Genes treatment from a few people but when I saw my friend Dara raving about the Luna Sleeping Night Oil I was sold! I used this for the first time last night as the final step to my skincare routine and I cannot wait to see how this continues to work because I woke up feeling great about my skin! I know it seems to good to be true, 2 products back to back that I've fallen in love with over night but I even searched for other people's reviews on this and everyone I've seen has said the same thing: "I saw results over night."

The combination of good healing, moisturizing, anti inflammatory oils and retinol, helps reduce the appearance of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, etc) and also improve the appearance of hyper pigmentation and scarring. All things that I need in my life! I used this as the last step in my routine because part of what this oil claims to do is to latch on to your other products underneath and help them to penetrate deeper, thus making them work better.

About 2-4 drops as the last step in my regular skincare routine did the trick. Your face may show a blue tint (it's a blue oil) but once absorbed it will disappear. The next morning I could not believe how fresh my skin looked and felt. I have some darker pigmentation that's healing on the right side of my face and I cannot wait for that cluster to disappear. Their appearance improved a bit with the Microdelivery Peel (mentioned above) but I saw even greater results with this oil. I know the idea of introducing oils into your routine when you're oily and acne prone can be scary, but this has not yet caused any irritation or additional breakouts. I will update as I continue to use this.

The only negatives I can see with this is splurge are if you sleep on white pillow cases because I have a bit of a blue tint left on one of my pillows haha!

Finally Rodial Glamtox Cleansing Balm. In the past I've tried a few cleansing balms including REN and The Body Shop Chamomile (which in some places they call a "balm" but others call a "butter").  I loved the REN cleansing balm during the winter months but never loved the fact it was in a massive tub. The constant digging (sometimes even with damp fingers) never felt great and if you have long nails it was even more annoying. It also came with a cleansing cloth to help remove product which was nice but sometimes if I used too much it would still leave my skin feeling like it had a bit of a film. The Body Shop Chamomile felt much lighter and almost as if I was rubbing Crisco all over my face but I never fell in love with it.

Now to be clear, I like to use cleansing balms/oils as makeup removers before my regular cleansers. I think of them as the work horse that gets most of the job done so my regular cleanser can be that Mortal Kombat fatality move to get rid of anything left on my face. The Rodial Glamtox is great because it comes in a pump (bye bye tub) and it's a bit more emollient than the REN Cleansing Balm. 1 - 1.5 pumps easily breaks down a full face of makeup for me and even gets rid of most of the waterproof mascara that I may have, without irritation. I'm a little wary of balms around the eyes so I usually take it easy in that area and use a cleansing water to remove anything left over, but this still does a good job. It doesn't leave the feeling of a film on my skin and overall I enjoy it. 

Supposedly this is also supposed to help with the reduction of age spots and hyper pigmentation but I have a hard time crediting a cleanser with that. I would say more than anything it helps melt away the grime from the day, keeps my skin from feeling stripped and would work well if you have sensitive skin. I also think it will be a great item to travel with since it's not a liquid and not in a hefty tub.