My best friend Steph and I took a last minute day trip to Joshua Tree this weekend. Along the way we noticed a sign for "Dig your own cactus - 59¢" and promised to stop on our way out of town. I highly recommend making a stop by Cactus Mart if you happen to be in the area and take home some adorable living souvenirs.

Looking at this baby cactus just instantly brings a smile to my face. I also purchased a beautifully simple succulent and put it in an antique my mom gave me from her travels in Thailand. I have a few similar bowls/boxes in this engraved style that I haven't really done anything with so I'm over the moon that this fit inside. I don't know if it's good or bad for the plant but I don't really care because, it looks damn good in it.

Keep an eye out for another photo set and mini vlog from our day trip coming soon!