CAT RULES 001 | Work Space is Shared Space

Happy Wednesday! Bruce is popping with a mid-week treat. I get a lot of questions about cat ownership and I thought this might be helpful or relatable to my fellow cat owners. So let's start with some basics.

Let it be known that your space, is their space. No matter the surface, no matter the obstacles, they will make it work to their advantage. Sure you could move them, but trust that they will find their way back. If anything, you've just created a nest for which they're destined to nap on (their purr-fect sunspot) or they simply love the heat radiating from your computer.

If you dare use a part of the floor as a work space, well you've simply come down to their level. Accept all interruptions and adjust accordingly.

Maybe it's just their way of checking in and making sure you don't need an extra set of paws. After all in this instance, I did need an object to set the focus on. Although I'm pretty sure Bruce just wanted a place to sit so that he could look down over the kingdom below him. I'd like to think that in this photo he's just asking me to move it closer to the window.