As I was going through my makeup collection and continuing my journey to remove clutter from my life, I found pieces of my old kit. I no longer do makeup for clients but I get a lot of questions about my career as a Makeup Artist and what some of my kit essentials were. So here's a look at one of my favorite items that I cannot bring myself to get rid of.

I had several of these lipstick palettes and if you're currently carrying around a large bag of lipstick tubes I highly recommend getting a few of these, taking an afternoon and just going crazy with creating your own palettes! You can be as neat as you want with it (ie. melting them down to create a smooth pot) but I pretty much smushed those puppies in there and hoped they'd stick. 

This was my go-to palette because it housed a variety of nudes on one side and a selection of reds with some pops of color on the other. It could all be mixed and matched to create the desired shade I wanted to achieve and it never let me down.

Looking back at some of these colors you can get a feel of how long ago this palette was created. It wasn't long after the MAC Mattene line had launched and a lot of these are no longer made. If you asked me which color was my favorite of the whole palette it would have to be MAC Tassel. It was a color that was discontinued before I even began working for MAC but when I was in training it was gifted to me and it's hands down one of the most versatile reds I've ever used. I remember doing a shoot where a model was wearing a variety of vibrant gowns and it was the only lip color she needed. It looked slightly different with every dress but went with all of them and I'm sad it's no longer made.

I have a feeling this will continue to stay in my collection despite no longer being able to use the colors (trust me, they've expired), but if I'm ever to create my own line of cosmetics I will definitely be revisiting this palette for inspiration.

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