I've never been interested in doing a What's On My iPhone video but I do see the appeal in discovering a handy new app or two. I thought I'd do this in parts so I can speak a bit about each without overloading you. A lot of you seem to love my Mixtape and want to know more about what I listen to so I thought we'd start with my audio phile (haha, see what I did there?). Oh and before you ask, no I don't have an Audible link for you ;).

When you first unlock the screen to my iPhone 6, this is what you see. My wallpaper is just something I found googling "banana palm wallpaper" but to save you some time it's linked here in case you're interested. Yes, I know the red bubble notifications are a bit out of control but let's move past the red and go straight for the music folder...

Let's quickly skim over the apps I won't be speaking much of. If you're an iPhone user you're probably familiar with the Music and iTunes Store apps. Honestly I barely use them and they could probably go in my *poop emoji* folder that houses my unused but undeletable apps. I don't find much use for either because I have found myself actually choosing Spotify or HypeMachine more than listening to my own library. I could probably get rid of Audible as well but on the occasional long flight it's been useful, so I haven't deleted it yet.


Most people are familiar with Spotify. A music streaming app that you can listen to for free but you'll come across albums/artists you can't listen to, ads or lose skipping rights if you are a "surfer" like me. I decided to go ahead and get a Premium Account for $9.99/mo for unlimited listening/skipping and being able to listen seamlessly to the same stuff between my phone and my desktop. Spotify also brings in my own library so I can find "my songs" as well.

But probably my two favorite features within the app are Radio and Browse. They allow me to find music that I don't have in my own library (whether new or old) as well as help me discover new artists.

In Radio, Spotify will create a "station" for you based off of an artist you already like. Just type in someone you like and the rest is automatic. As you can see above, I have a Best Coast and Wild Nothing station and they're awesome. You can skip over a song, give it a thumbs up or thumbs down and that helps you streamline what gets played next. Scroll down a bit and you can select some stations that have already been created by Genre. Above you can see I selected 80's which you should probably take a listen to.

If you watch my vlogs you probably remember me mentioning that I was really into the "Feelin Good" Station on Spotify. It's still one I go back to but in Browse you can also listen to what's popular on the charts and what's just been released. Scroll down and you can find more playlists that have been created based off of Moods & Genres which can be helpful if you have no idea what you feel like listening to.


I have to thank my boyfriend for introducing me to this app (as well as many others). For $3.99 Hype Machine collects all the most recent blogged about music and puts them all in the palm of your hand (or on your desktop if you visit their site). I've found it's a great way to not only hear new artists but also hear remixes.

Under Latest you can find some of the "Freshest" tracks and also listen to "Only Remixes" or "No Remixes". You can also "love" tracks which get saved to your favorites list and if you follow your friends, you can see what they're loving within your feed. I don't search through the Blog Directory but I occasionally notice that I'm listening to more than 1 track from the same blog so this could be a good resource in the future.

A lot of the time I find myself just listening through what's popular "Now" and seeing where I end up. It's a mixed bag of pace and genres (you can skip ones you don't like) but I've found some smaller artists on here and I like that I can go back in my history to find ones I may have missed in the moment. If you like a song and want to find a remix of it, it's pretty easy to find multiple versions here.


A lot of you seem to have loved my March Mixtape and 8tracks is what I  used to use to create "Vlogists" of songs in my old vlogs. On their website, anyone can sign up, create their own playlists and stream it. It's straight forward and I think it's more widely available for those who are international and may not be able to listen to Spotify (which is why I've chosen it over doing Spotify Playlists). Also you can pull tracks from Soundcloud but you can also upload your own music and that's what I like. On Spotify, I wouldn't be able to upload tracks that weren't available within their server to share with anyone listening.

In the app you can't create the playlists but you can search for any playlist based off of artist, activity or mood. You can like, comment, share just like any of your favorite social media apps and you can of course favorite tracks. Ultimately, if you want to listen to my playlists (past or future) on the go, you should be able to via this app :)


Finally, I'm not super into listening to Podcasts but Dylan is. We listened to nothing but Podcasts on our way back to New York from Lake Placid and it was a great way to pass the time. When I drove to and from San Francisco for the first time I listened to the entire Serial podcast and it was great, I'm totally hooked.

You can see the others that I'm listening to to the right, but overall I'm more likely to select something from the above mentioned than these. I actually haven't listened to RadioLab yet but it came highly recommended by my friend Jenn. I will say though, I've heard some lesser podcasts that are really hard to get through. These are easy to listen to (as in flow, sometimes subject matter may be difficult) and they can be thought provoking, great conversation pieces. I also find that they can be easy to get lost in and pass the time if you're on a road trip.

So that does it for this file. What would you like to dive into next?