In today's "I'm Judging You" we're taking a look at my current favorite foundation! Oops, did I already give it away? Here are my thoughts.


A long-wear, oil-free foundation that claims to "magically blurs the line between real skin and makeup". Available at SEPHORA for $48.


  • Lightweight
  • Natural finish 
  • Can be buffed to sheer coverage or built up for medium
  • "Cashew" is a great color match 
  • Doesn't take a lot of product to get a great result


  • Packaging - due to the consistency, it can be messy
  • Wears well though the day, but not super long wearing

I had to really think long and hard about what's wrong with this foundation so you can imagine that I've been loving it! There are a lot of things I like about this but let me first go into what doesn't work.

The first con was easy to think of because most people with this type of foundation will realize upon opening it, that the packaging is messy. If you're familiar with the watery, shake-before-using type fluid (ex. Chanel Vitalumier Aqua) you can be prepared but really this is my biggest problem with it. Although it looks sleek for plastic packaging, if I could go back and alter any thing it would probably be to simply square off the top and/or make the top the bottom. Due to the fluid nature of the product (and gravity) the foundation is naturally going to want to drip into the lid or any surface given the opportunity. If it could be stored upside down, maybe this would be less of a problem but since the top is thin and curved, it can't balance. I currently store mine laying down in a drawer but if you have a wide enough cup to stick this into, that may be another good way to store it. Just be aware you need to shake before using (so maybe make sure the lid is on tight) and when you open it, twist the top off while the tip is facing upward rather than down.

Then the constant battle with long wearing products! Ok, disclaimer: I'm very oily! Anything that's long wearing is never going to stay matte or fully in place on me but I accept this and it's not the product, it's me.  I do what I can to prevent it from happening faster (prime, powder, etc), then how many hours I can get through the day without powdering is I gauge how long wearing something is. I know not everyone may share this sentiment and not everyone is the same skin type as I am so this could vary for anyone but ultimately I find that this wears well for a good couple hours depending on what I'm doing (that's with priming and powdering). As it wears it doesn't break apart or look bad, I just look like my oily self and I have to powder again. So now, onto what I like about this product!

It's lightweight and you get great coverage that looks like your skin! It definitely reminds me of Vitalumier Aqua but with better coverage and the color selection alone could make this better than Chanel. I use "Cashew" and find that it works well for my NC 20/25 skin and with 2 - 3 drops I can get good coverage on each side of my face and buff maybe 1 drop or what ever else is on my brush into my forehead and chin.  You could use this with your fingers as well but it could be messy and I will say that I didn't really like the result (as much) when I tried it with a Beauty Blender. Plus with such a fluid foundation I like to avoid letting it soak into a sponge.

If you liked the LM Silk Cream Foundation (which is being discontinued/reformulated!?) but weren't crazy about the weight, you'll probably like transitioning to this one.  If you have freckles, you could blend this to still let those show through but if you have some light pigmentation that you want covered, you can get good coverage if you build this up. I won't say it's full coverage because if I have a stubborn blemish I'll still use something like MAC Studio Finish to cover it up but with my skin in its current state, I'm happy with only having to pin point conceal. I also don't notice that it clings to dry areas nor is the formula drying so if you have combination or even possibly dry skin, this could work for you. 

Have you tried the Smooth Finish Flawless Foundation yet? If so, what are your thoughts?