I'll admit, juicing isn't for everyone and I'm a bit of a no0b. I didn't think I'd ever actually buy a juicer but after thinking about it and realizing how much easier it would be for me to do this at home than waste money buying them, I decided to go for it.  If you follow me on Twitter you probably remember when I was asking for advice on which juicer to purchase. I had a lot of people recommend Breville but a few also suggested Hurom which is what I ended up going with.

I realized that a lot of people were taking screen shots of my juice recipes on Snapchat (yeah, got that too - heyclairehey) so I thought why not share them on the blog!


1 Granny Smith Apple
3 (Small-ish) Beets
4 (Small) Carrots
1 Knob of Ginger (optional) 

Carrot, apple and beet is one of my favorite combos. It's more on the sweet side so if you haven't been into the "earthy" (read: dirt) taste of some juices, this could be a good pairing for you. This isn't an exact science so feel free to adjust the beet/carrot ratio but I'd stick with 1 apple or you're going to get into really sweet territory (keep in mind carrots also have natural sweetness too). I also like to toss in a knob of ginger for a little heat but this is optional! I think this is a great bare bones recipe because you can absolutely add more greens such as spinach or kale and it shouldn't effect the taste. Also half a lemon would be a nice hit of citrus.

*Note: I use all organic

One of the things I love about this juicer is that it comes with 2 different strainers so I can control the amount of pulp. I personally don't like a ton of it in my juice but a little isn't bad and I should probably insert something about fiber here but...there it is. It also came with two containers to catch the pulp (left) and measure out juice (right) which is pretty handy. But look at the colors! Love it.

Pour into your wide mouth mason jars, add a paper straw (because, hipster) and enjoy!

It's great early in the day to help give me an extra boost in energy and there are tons of articles out there that can better explain the benefits of carrot, apple, beet juice (like this one) but simply, enjoy it. I hope you give this a try and let me know what your favorite juice combos are!