Silence + Noise Sequin Jacket / J. Crew T / Levi's Denim Shorts / NastyGal Heels / PS11 Mini

I caught up with my old friend Scott outside of the Mondrian Soho. It had been about 10 years of the occasional text to catch up since we met and it's a story I'll never forget. We met in Montreal (circa 2004/5) when we were chatting on MSN and realized we were neighbors. Literally. We walked out our front doors and stood next to each other.

Back then he was traveling back and forth from parts of Canada and New York with a skateboard and going to school. He currently lives in New York and spends his time as an in-house photographer for the likes of Ann Taylor and Michael Kors. Maybe you've heard of them.

He still skateboards.

Photo by Scott Furkay