One evening during Fashion Week my boyfriend was heading to meet me at my hotel and sent me a quick text, "Have you ever been to the Empire State Building?". I honestly couldn't remember but if I had, it would have been back in middle school during one of those crazy field trips.

"Wanna go?"

I think it's common for most people to avoid doing touristy things in their own city but this is one of those things that you absolutely should do. Whether you're visiting or have lived there all your life, I think your reaction will remain the same - awe.

Looking out over Manhattan and across the Burroughs, you may identify certain landmarks or stare off into the distance watching cars or boats go by. If you look out long enough, you might even forget your 86-102 floors up with people taking selfies on either side of you. Then, you'll inevitably reach the realization that you are microscopic.

We are all infinitely small specks in this vast world and there are bigger things out there. That was one of the best things about being up there that night. Sure, I was with someone special (Dylan, that's you - if you're reading this) but whatever your problems may be at that moment, they shrink down to another insignificant speck onto the sidewalk below you. My hope is that you too can come back to ground level with a better perspective.