I wanted to create a unique light installation to go over my (future) kitchen/dining table and I found some inspiration over on Pinterest. With the help of my friend Nathan, we made my vision come to life!





NOTE : Alternatively this could look cool with multiple smaller branches or antlers but I already have antlers in my place so I didn't want to go overboard :) Also you can purchase light cords without light bulbs & they'll be cheaper but the state of California requires they sell them with lightbulbs - fun fact!


1 Branch 
2 C Clamps
1 Power Strip
1 Power Cord
*if your outlet is closer to the installation you may not need this.
2 Hose Clamps
*optional, we liked the added look of them vs just zip ties!
1 Bag of Zip Ties
1 Pack of Coaxial Cable Clips
5 IKEA Light Cords
5 Edison Bulbs (we got 2 styles, 2 of one 3 of another)
1 Power Switch - optional
1 3 Prong to 2 Prong Adaptor - optional 

1 Hammer
1 Screw Driver