What's that smell? It's the smell of perfume hoarding. I've had a few requests in the past for a look into my collection of fragrances so - this one's for you!

I'm well aware that one does not need this number of perfumes in their life! If I'm honest, I don't even keep them on display this way and when I was taking these photos I said to myself, "You have a problem.". I've even given some away to friends but some have been in my possession for years (whether purchased or gifted) and I can't seem to part with them yet. 

Stella by Stella McCartney notes: Rose, Peony Flower, Mandarin, Rose Absolute, Amber. 

My taste in perfume varies slightly from light, sweet, florals to a warmer musks. Although I do have my seasonal go-to's, I also enjoy wearing a difference fragrance depending on my mood or occasion. I'm not going to go through and describe every single scent but I thought I'd let you know some of my favorites.

Stella by Stella McCartney has been my daily go-to for at least the last 2 years. This is at least my 3rd bottle and I've even been known to carry a travel size in my purse. I love that it's sweet (but doesn't feel too young) and I think this could be worn year-round.

If you're like me and enjoy Stella but want to switch it up, a few others I own that are along the same lines (but vary in depth) are:

Byredo Gypsy Water is my current go-to with its slightly deeper, warmer feel. I think it feels a bit more fall/evening. I also have Byredo Black Saffron in my collection but I'd say it's a bit more earthy and I don't wear it as often. If you really love a deep, rich and super long lasting fragrance, Dipityque Eau Duelle will certainly be an option. It's almost too strong for me to wear on a regular basis but I love it so much that I sometimes use it as a room fragrance haha.

Anyone else remember the hype surrounding Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 ? This is one of those that I just have to be in the mood for. Sometimes I layer it with a slightly sweeter scent but the idea behind this fragrance is that it only contains 1 ingredient and it can change depending on the person's chemistry. Also it claims to have more of an effect on those around potion anyone?

Although I don't have any stand out stories of this perfume effecting laws of attraction, I do enjoy the more woodsy scent. 

Now My Burberry  (although a beautiful floral scent) isn't normally what I'd go for. I've worn it a handful of times but my real attachment is the custom initial detail. If you're a subscriber to my channel you may remember I got to experience the Burberry show at LFW and this one only 1 of the many gifts they sent me home with. 

This actually sat in it's box for a week before I opened it and realized that it had been customized! It really warmed my heart and I don't think I can ever get rid of this bottle simply for the memories.

So what are some of your favorite fragrances? Do you have ones that link back to a special memory? If you have any questions about perfumes I haven't mentioned, feel free to ask!